Better concentration

Example of Effects of Mindfulness

Better Concentration

The good news is: the mind can be trained. Even better: already after 7 weeks you can see the results.
Chade-Meng Tan (Google Engineer, later Google’s Jolly Good Fellow), in “Search Inside Yourself”

Daily organisational life is characterized by chronic information overload, time pressures and the stress of constantly achieving high performance. We think we can manage many tasks at the same time, but are often unable to finish what we start. We urgently require concentration, focus and resilience. However, due to near-permanent stress many of us have trouble in controlling our attention to best effect. Others are burnt-out, unable to have a quiet conversation, or cannot follow through thoughts to their end. Many people in every organisation are in a constant state of slight panic and inner restlessness. At worst, they become destructively distracted, tense and frantic – to the point where they cannot concentrate at all.

  • It has been proven that regularly practising mindfulness meditation trains our attention and significantly strengthens our concentration. The findings indicate that even short meditation units are sufficient to increase attention and concentration, e.g. 10 minutes a day, or four days of 20 minutes per week. Eicke Leadership Academy helps individuals develop this meditation style and shows them how to integrate that into their personal daily routine.