Applied Neuroscience


How to Fine-Tune Your Brain to Your Business

Applied neuroscience is the practical utilisation of state-of-the-art brain sciences to interpersonal relations, as well as to the inner world of self-understanding.

Modern neurosciences reveal that human beings are fundamentally energy systems. Within an organisation, however, the way this energy is applied to achieving results or performance is a complex interaction between the make-up of the individual and how the organisation makes these demands.

For instance, fear within organisations steers the energy of people inwards. This makes them counterproductively “turned off” and disengaged. On the other hand, trust – cultivated for example with positive reinforcement and genuine acknowledgement – directs people’s energy outwards, allowing them to thrive, and their organisation to succeed.

The Eicke Leadership Academy specialises in understanding and applying knowledge about this complexity to develop more sustainable organisational effectiveness.