We are an international partnership of senior executive coaches with a particular focus on the scientific understanding of the brain and mind. With a core team of four, we are backed by an extensive network of executive coaches trained in organizational neuroscience coaching for leaders. We are diverse in business backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and gender. What unites us is the knowledge of organisational neuroscience and its application in leveraging human potential and driving healthy performance.

A scientific approach to executive coaching. At the heart of our work is an understanding of the human being in organizations. We focus on answering questions such as: How do the brain and the mind impact our behaviours? What truly motivates people? What gets in our way of achieving our goals, and how can we remove these obstacles? And what role do emotions and relationships play in the workplace?

As trusted confidants, we are independent and objective sounding boards to leaders. We support them in navigating the challenges of today’s fast-paced business world and creating the conditions for them and their teams to thrive. The result is long-term sustainable organisational performance that doesn’t burn people out.
We deliver our services remotely as well as in-person mainly in Europe and in the Asia Pacific region.



Anita Eicke is an Executive Coach and she designs and delivers transformational leadership programs based on neuroscience and mindfulness. As a leader for more than 30 years herself – including being a successful entrepreneur and being on the board of an automotive company – she has worked within multiple industries and multicultural environments. Her clients value especially that she combines her long standing coaching expertise with her practical experience as a senior level leader. She is passionate about human relationships and keen to foster resilience of mind and body. In short: it’s all about people, purpose and performance. Anita studied at Mainz University, at Sorbonne University, at University of Chicago as well as at two major Business Schools: IMD and IESE. She is also a senior lecturer for executive performance and leadership at a global Business School.



Gerrit Pelzer is passionate about helping leaders in multinational corporations to create the conditions in which people can be their very best. Gerrit is an Executive Coach, a Coach Supervisor, and an Adjunct Professor of Leadership. He combines over ten years of coaching executives with his own leadership experience in Europe and Asia, having held senior corporate roles in the chemical industry. Thus, Gerrit can relate to today’s leaders’ issues, speak their language, and provide practical steps to help them and their teams grow. He truly appreciates diversity and has worked with clients from over thirty nations.

With a background in the natural sciences, Gerrit also takes a scientific approach to coaching, especially in using the latest insights from applied neuroscience to achieve positive behavioral changes that last.



Emma Russell is an Executive Coach, Consultant, and a designer and facilitator of leadership programmes. She has a zest for life, and a special interest in how our biology influences our behaviour. Prior to coaching, Emma spent 17 years in finance, commercial and change management roles, where she was a senior leader for over 10 years. As a coach, Emma uses her knowledge of neuroscience and physiology to understand the sources of energy that limit or hold people back and supports them to unlock untapped potential. Emma’s lifelong interest in drama and acting results in a deep passion for communication and relationships and she sees both as the key to connection, inspiration and trust. Emma is a biologist by degree and holds an Executive MBA (Dean’s List) from INSEAD.



Rita Shah is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) with 30+ years of professional experience in global organisations, start-ups and as an entrepreneur. She specialises in one-to-one and team coaching, working with leaders to manage the various tensions inherent in organisations. Clients continue to thrive long after coaching has concluded, as the focus on creativity, agility and resilience releases untapped potential. Rita has coached more than 120 senior leaders – as an objective sounding board for organisational transformation initiatives and a trusted partner in their personal growth. She goes the extra mile to support her clients, and is appreciated for taking a holistic view of their lives. Rita hosts the leadership podcast The Business of Brains which explores sustainable leadership for the 21st century.