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Lack of sleep is a leadership issue

When Shakespeare can’t quiet his mind about the lady that he loves despite his physical tiredness, he does at least manage a Sonnet about it. It looks as if the modern executive just has to grin and bear it. But that’s not good. Lack of sleep is becoming quite a leadership issue.

Men and Women’s Brain Differ – Leaders be Aware

When Science, the Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail all run a piece as they did in mid-November 2015, saying in big type that men’s and women’s brains are not really different after all, it’s very confusing for those who are certain they are, and as this column has been saying loud and clear.1 A lot […]

Beware the neuro-fix

Beware the neuro-fix

There must have been a time when electro- was the magic prefix: electro-plate, electro-magnetism, electrolysis, electro-convulsive, and many, many more. Now it’s neuro-something-or-other.