Relationships Are What Matter


Executive Learning and Leadership Specialist, experienced Senior Executive Coach, certified Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations, certified MBTI profiler, and last – but not least! – seasoned leader, entrepreneur and former top level executive.

What has mattered most to me over the years is my human and relational interest. Having worked in organisational environments throughout my professional career and coached CEO’s and senior executives from many countries, I am able to relate to exactly what leaders feel and experience in their daily work.

Most recently and for over 10 years I have worked with numerous HR Managers, and HR Development and Organisational Development Specialists throughout Europe by working for two top business schools: IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the IESE Business School in Barcelona (Spain). Together we have tackled many leadership challenges and, through many discussions and successful implementations, we have been able to establish unique and enduring relationships. Through this work I have developed a deep understanding of people, purpose and performance; all of which has come together in Eicke Leadership Academy.

My interest in applied neuroscience was stimulated by the work of Professor Dr. Paul Brown, Professor of Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School (Switzerland) and through my own practice of meditation, especially during my “Trainer in Mindfulness in Organisations” certification. As a result I became aware of the need for a new quality of leaders who are focused and empathic, who understand the functioning of the brain and the mind, and thus consistently achieve purposeful, high-performance goals – for themselves and their teams.

The topics of the Eicke Leadership Academy not only engage the mind, but the heart as well. I am deeply convinced that it takes both, mind and heart to successfully lead in these times of high executive stress, organisational complexity and the ever present sense of being caught up in performance pressure and the exhausting, often seemingly futile activities that result from organisational politics and bureaucratic demands.